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Subject: Great Website
Hi. I grew up in Melvin and graduated from MSHS in 1961. Was last in Melvin in 1986 when I buried my father, Ben. Have often commented to my friends and family that it took a "village" to help nurture and guide me. I remember with great fondness the many wonderful Melvinites whose lives, stories, and contributions created wholesome and positive activities and venues in which to grow. All the best.
Ron  Hoekstra
Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I've been gone from Melvin for over 40 years, and it was nice to visit. Also, it was great to read familiar names. The basketball team picture Dale Winter submitted to the high school site should be labeled 1967 or so, not 1952.  Thanks for the Melvin memories!
Amy Gaffney

I want to thank Lori Strufe of Nashville, North Carolina, for all the great pictures of the Tractor drive, 4th of July parade and fireworks and Ford County Fair.  Thanks also  Renee Naskrent for Ford County Fair pictures.  A special thanks also  to Joe Schall for my lessons in putting videos on the website.  Great family cooperation!!!

Judy Schall

Peggy Schneider Dubek sent me a facebook message to check out this web site.  Whoever did the web page did a good job.  My favorite place to go as a kid was to the Library.  I loved that place and to this day I am a book hound. It was a great escape and probably saved me from many troubles.  I cart them every where I move.  I have some VHS tapes mostly 30s- 40s--50 old movies some are not even open also some kids movies.  Does the library have a movie section ?  Do you take gently used books ? I would love to make some  donations to the library. Perhaps I can visit when I am in town.  Keep up the good work kids still need to learn how to read.

Barb Duffy

Thank you Judy for telling me about this sight. It is nice to learn things about the town and the people who live here. Although I have only lived here a few months I have found that everyone I have met has been very nice.  I am so happy that we decied to buy are first home here.

Samantha Neal

Hi Judy! My name is Walker Willis and I manage the GCMS website, I just wanted to let you know that I really like the new Melvin website and have linked it on the GCMS website under the "Communities" Tab. Have a great day!

Walker Willis, Instructional Technologist
GCMS School District, Gibson City IL

Subject: addition to war memorials
John "Cotton" Hubner should be listed for a Vietnam veteran who is deceased.   Thanks.

Joan Marie Shelton

Joan, When I inquired about John Hubner's name
not being on the Memorial list, I was told the list
was only those Veterans buried in the Melvin Cemetery.  Since this website has a different purpose than the
purpose of the list furnished to me, we want to include
other deceased  Melvin Veterans.  So for you out there reading the website, please let me know if there are other
deceased Melvin Veterans that we need to include.
Judy Schall

Subject: Thank you so much for this website
Thank you much for building this website! It is so gratifying to see people still enjoying this wonderful village I grew up in. Living so far away, it's wonderful to be able to see what's going on in Melvin. By the way, I would love it if the photographer would label the photos with the names of the people.
Again, thanks so much for creating this site!

Marybeth Freehill Rouleau

Thank you for the Melvin Web Page.  I did enjoy seeing familiar places and people.  This is a wonderful way to keep in touch.

Beverly Gerken Raber

Congratulations to Harold and all those dedicated helpers  on your new website.  Keep up the good work.

Charlotte Hampton, Paxton

" This looks great! I can't wait to see what comes next. Thank you so much for doing this."

Kay Swearingen (Melvin)

"Your website is delightful.  Thanks for giving those of us far from home a way to stay in touch."

Patty Freehill Peabody (Florida)

"I enjoy the Village of Melvin website and I am very glad to know I can access news about my hometown.  Will this website carry the obituaries of persons who resided in Melvin and the surrounding area?  Since I live in California, that kind of information would keep me in touch with home."  

JoAnn Freehill Snyder (California)

Thank you for your suggestions. We will try to keep the
website news timely  and will also add an obituary page.