November 2017 Minutes (Special Minutes)

NOVEMBER 28, 2017



Meeting was called to order by the Village President Harold Forbes @ 7:00 PM. others present were. Village Clerk Lynn Duke and Trustees: Vern Shapland, Dennis Manson, Wm. Curtis, Glen Netherton, Mario Martinez and Angel Benninger.

The meeting was called to decide whether to grant permission for the Convenience Store to have gambling machines and to serve beer on premises to those gambling. It was said that there would a separate place for the machines with locked door and admission only by being buzzed in.

Some of the questions asked:

What about kids who come in and see or have to deal with people coming out of locked room?

How many machines?

How are they going to have room for this in such a small area anyway?

What about the back door and the restroom?

Everyone took part in the lengthy discussion, almost all comments were negative.

Vern Shapland made the motion to not allow this to be done, seconded by Glen Netherton. Roll Call vote: V. Shapland-no, G. Netherton-no, A. Benninger-no, M. Martinez-no, W. Curtis- no Dennis Manson-no. MC.

Wm Curtis made the motion to adjourn, seconded by A. Benninger. Vote: 6-yes, 0-no. MC

Meeting adjourned about 8:15PM

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