April 2017 Minutes

APRIL 11, 2017



The meeting was opened @ 7:03 by President Harold Forbes with the Pledge to the Flag followed by a short prayer by Village Clerk Lynn Duke. Others present were: Trustees Vern Shapland, Angel Benninger, Jimmy Moore, Glen Netherton, Wm. Curtis, and Dennis Manson. Also present was Village Maintenance Supervisor Larry Boundy and Village Water Superintendent Alan Thackeray.

Clerk Duke read the minutes from the previous meeting, hearing no additions or corrections; Vern Shapland made the motion to accept the minutes as read seconded by Angel Benninger. Vote: 6-yes, 0-no. MC.

Village Maintenance Reports: Larry Boundy/ Alan Thackeray

Larry said:

*The lot on Thompson St. is ready for the mobile home to be pulled away.

*Flushed hydrants

*Got magnets for truck “Village of Melvin” etc and they do not work.

Alan Said:

*On the 27th of March he had trouble with the chlorinatator again. Worked on it but couldn’t get it so called Hawkins and it is now working.

Glen Netherton made a motion to accept the maintenance reports, seconded by Dennis Manson. Vote: 6-yes, 0-no. MC.

Treasure’s Report:

*Reports were handed out and looked over.

*Bills in need of payment were presented: After looking over the bills with Dennis asking one question, Vern Shapland made the motion to pay the bills, seconded by Wm. Curtis. Roll Call Vote: D. Manson-yes, W. Curtis-yes, G. Netherton-yes, V. Shapland-yes, A. Benninger-yes, and V. Shapland-yes. MC.

Water Collector’s Report: Alora Ford

Clerk Duke presented the report for Lorie. The Board liked the new page with water usage & etc.  Hearing no questions, Glen Netherton made the motion to accept the reports, seconded by Angel Benninger. Vote: 6-yes, 0-no. MC.



Park, Government/ Insurance:

No reports

Streets, Alleys, Water, Drainage, Trees, Animals: Jimmy Moore/ Glen Netherton/Angel Benninger

*Questioning the drainage on Center St. Again (Little’s house/ down to Kaiser’s). Glen and Harold are to talk to the Littles.

Nuisance & Public Health: Dennis Manson/Vern Shapland/Wm. Curtis

*Bill & Vern toured the Village

*Old cars need ticketed

* Talked to Jon Shelton, to pick two or three places a month to focus on.

Old Business:

*Gas station and Schnaare’s building (old Allen’s Garage) Harold to call attorney.

*Clean-up day. May 13 or May 20, Harold will call and see what would be better for getting the dumpster.

New Business:

* Boards on backstop at Park baseball diamond need to be nailed back on.

Hearing no other business, Vern Shapland made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Dennis Manson. Vote 6-yes, 0-no. MC.

Meeting adjourned @8:15 PM

/s/ Harold Forbes

Village President

/s/ Lynn Duke

Village Clerk