January 2017 Minutes

JANUARY 10, 2017



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Harold Forbes with the Pledge to the Flag. Village Clerk Lynn Duke gave a short prayer. Others present were: Trustees Wm. Curtis, Vern Shapland, Wm. Curtis, Glen Netherton, Dennis Manson, Jimmy Moore, and Angel Benninger. Also present was Alan Thackeray, Larry Boundy was absent.

Clerk Duke presented the minutes from the last meeting. Hearing no additions or corrections, Jimmy Moore made the motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Vern Shapland. Vote: 6-yes, 0-not. MC.

Village Maintenance Reports: Larry Boundy/ Alan Thackeray

Larry: No Report


*Drain and sink in backroom at Library still not working well.

*Harold asked if the pump house was clean. Alan replied “fairly”.

Treasurer’s Report

*Question? Can we get Stan on the F-M account so he can see checking account to know when checks have come in etc. Dennis made the motion to allow Feller- Kuester access to view our checking account statements. The second came from Vern Shapland. Roll call Vote: A. Benninger-yes, J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, W. Curtis-yes, and D. Manson-yes. MC.

*Bills were presented for payment. After looking them over, Glen Netherton made the motion to pay the bills, seconded by Wm. Curtis. Roll Call vote: J. Moore-yes, A. Benninger-yes, V. Shapland-yes, D. Manson-yes, W. Curtis-yes, and G. Netherton-yes. MC.


Water Collector’s Report: Alora Ford.

Nothing is different. We are getting the arrearages taken care of slow but sure.

Motion to accept water report was made by Vern Shapland, seconded by Jimmy Moore. Vote: 6-yes, 0-no. MC.



Streets, Alleys, Water, Drainage, Trees,

Nuisance& Public Health

Animal Control

Government & Insurance

No Reports

Old Business:


New Business:

*Our folding machine is not working and they say we need a new one. They are giving us a year’s warranty and free maintenance. Vern Shapland made the motion to purchase a new one, seconded by Angel Benninger. Roll Call vote: G. Netherton-yes, J. Moore, W. Curtis-yes, A. Benninger-yes, D. Manson-yes, and V. Shapland-yes. MC.



Hearing no other business Vern Shapland made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Dennis Manson. Vote: 6-yes,


/S/ Harold Forbes                 /S/ Lynn Duke

Village President                  Village Clerk