April 2016 Minutes


APRIL 12, 2016



The meeting was opened by President Harold Forbes @ 7:00 PM followed with a short prayer given by Village Clerk Lynn Duke. Others present were: Village Treasurer and Water Collector Judy Schall, Trustees Jimmy Moore, Vern Shapland, Glen Netherton, Wm. Curtis, and Chris Dawson. Also present were: Village Maintenance Supervisor Larry Boundy, Village Water Supervisor Alan Thackeray and guests Dan Milligan, Joe Cornell and Jim Ward.  The minutes from the previous meeting were read by Clerk Duke. Hearing no corrections or additions, Chris Dawson made the motion to accept the minutes as presented. Vern Shapland seconded. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

The visitors were given the opportunity to speak.

*Jim Ward spoke first. He had several comments/questions. He asked what was being done about abandon properties such as the trailers on S. Thompson. He suggested that we promote having neighbors help neighbors with cleaning, mowing, painting, fix- up and etc. The board thanked him for coming and for his input.

*Dan Milligan spoke next. He accused someone of mowing his garden space off. He was assured that the person he accused had nothing to do with it but he insisted he was right. Things got pretty heated until he was asked to cool it. He left in rather a huff.

*Joe Cornell was just there to talk about his cleaning of Community Hall.

Village Maintenance Reports: Larry Boundy/Alan Thackeray

Larry said:

Water tower tank cleaned. Some filament was found in bottom of tank. It cleaned up well. BUT there is a weld on top that is cracking & breaking. Approximately 20 inches long and will cost between $6,000.00 & $10,000.00

* On N. Green St. between Schrodt and Schmohe there is a problem with the drainage.

Glen Netherton made the motion to have it repaired, seconded by Chris Dawson. Roll Call vote: C. Dawson-yes, W. Curtis-yes, G. Netherton-yes, V. Shapland-yes, J. Moore-yes. MC.

* Said that MSA Rep said that in order to figure anything for Main Street we need core samples which will cost $1,000.00-$1,200.00 per sample and that there will be a minimum of four taken probably.*AHW and Crop Production think we should replace a 4 inch line. The cost would be approximately $120,000.00.

*Asked about the clean-up plans for this year.

Alan Said:

*There was a problem in the pump room. Blowing the breaker. Farm-elect fixed it and it is operational.

*Need to purchase Chorine and Poly-phosphate.  *Fluorine levels are staying up so there has been no need to add any.

*Plans on taking two classes.

Vern Shapland made the motion to accept the maintenance reports, seconded by Chris Dawson. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Schall

*Judy presented the Treasurer’s report. After everyone looked it over and had no questions, it has been filed for audit.

*Judy then presented the bills that are in need of payment. After looking them over and two questions asked and answered, Chris Dawson made the motion to pay the bills, seconded by Vern Shapland. Roll Call Vote: J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, W. Curtis-yes, and C. Dawson-yes. MC.

Water Collector’s Report: Judy Schall

*Judy presented the Water Collector’s Report. Everyone looked it over and Vern Shapland made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Jimmy Moore. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.


*Park: Sharon Forbes

*Streets, Allies, Water, Drainage, Trees: Glen Netherton/Jimmy Moore

*Animal Control, Village Improvement: Chris Dawson

*Village Government and Insurance: Lynn Duke

No Reports!

Nuisance& Public Health: Vern Shapland/Wm. Curtis/ Brian Grady

*Nine places were visited and they will get with Jonathon to discuss them.

*Wrote a letter to Virgil Schnaare that AHW may be interested in having the old Allen Garage building to tear down and use for parking.

Old Business:


New Business:

Because there was a snafu with the notice for bidding for new truck did not get in paper in time for bids to come in we will continue this meeting to next Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM for the purpose of opening bids and discussing the Community Hall.


Bids for truck were opened by President Forbes and Clerk Duke. There were two.*Bid #1 Anderson Ford-Gibson City, IL

A 2017 truck meeting the specs $31,000.00 plus $17,000.00 for plow/bed. Total $48,000.

They also sent along a bid for a 2016 truck which did not meet our specs for $30,000.

  *Bid # 2 Hicks Motors, Roberts, IL

A 2017 Truck meeting the specs $30,792 plus $17,792 for plow/bed. Total $48,112.Larry also got a bid for a plow that is much heavier duty from Clauss Specialties, Inc. for $20,665 which would include plow and bed. Adding the cost of the truck from Anderson Ford and the plow/bed from Clauss, it comes to $51,665.Adding the cost of the truck from Hicks Motors with the plow/bed from Clauss comes to $51,457.

Glen Netherton made a motion to buy the truck from Hicks Motors, seconded by Vern Shapland. Roll Call vote: J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, W. Curtis-yes, and C. Dawson-yes. MC.Chris Dawson made a motion to buy the heavier duty plow/bed from Clauss Specialties, Inc, seconded by Wm. Curtis. Roll Call vote: G. Netherton-yes, V. Shapland-yes, W. Curtis-yes, J. Moore-yes and Chris Dawson-yes. MC.

It was decided to talk about the Community Hall at the next regular meeting.

Hearing no other business, Chris Dawson made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Vern Shapland. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:45 PM

Village President: /s/ Harold Forbes

Village Clerk: /s/ Lynn Duke