January 2016 Minutes

JANUARY 12, 2016



The meeting was called to order by Village President Harold Forbes with the Pledge to the Flag at 7:02 PM followed by a short prayer given by Village Clerk Lynn Duke. Others present were: Village Treasurer and Water Collector Judy Schall, Trustees Brian Grady, Jimmy Moore, Vern Shapland, Glen Netherton, and Wm Curtis. Also present were Village Maintenance Supervisor Larry Boundy, Village Water Supervisor Alan Thackeray, Village Attorney Ross Sorensen, Ford County Sheriff Mark Doran and guest Joe Cornell.

Clerk Duke read the minutes from the previous meeting. Hearing no corrections or additions, Jimmy Moore made the motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Glen Netherton. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Village Attorney Ross Sorensen was the first to speak to the Board. He asked “do we want to go forward with the property clean up and the court dates if that is what has to be done to resolve problems”. The Board agreed that we have to follow through with the plan. If continued progress is shown there is no need for court proceedings. If there is no compliance or if there is a regression in the condition of said properties then there will have to be action taken. We have spent far too much money to falter now. Mr. Sorensen was told to continue with the “old station” on Main St. and the Milligan property on Green St. Vern Shapland made the motion to find young Milligan, seconded by Glen Netherton. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Joe Cornell was here to observe.

Village Maintenance Reports: Larry Boundy/Alan Thackeray

Larry reported:

*Kafer is set up at the Andy Little resident and ready to put in catch basin pending weather.

*Kafer found and fixed problem at Larry Boundy’s.

*The truck that Bradbury’s thought they had for us was a no go. Search goes on.

Alan reported:

*New Fluoride level standards have been established and we are having trouble getting and keeping the levels as required. Will meet with Jim Sommers on Thursday. Possibly call IRWA in to help.

Wm Curtis made the motion to accept the maintenance reports, seconded by Vern Shapland. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Schall

*Judy presented the Treasurer’s Report for all to look over. She also told of receiving Motor Fuel Tax.

The report has been filed for audit

*Judy then presented the bills that are in the need of payment. After looking them over and some discussion, Vern Shapland made the motion to pay the bills, seconded by Jimmy Moore. Roll Call Vote: B. Grady-yes, J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, W. Curtis-yes. MC.

Water Collector’s Report: Judy Schall

*Judy presented the Water Collector’s Report. There was one delinquent account that was discussed. It was decided to work with this person to get then on the right to track to pay current bills as they come in and add as little as $5:00 or $10.00 to that bill in order to catch up on the arrears.

Glen Netherton made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Brian Grady. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.



Old Business:


New Business:

Ordinances presented for adoption:

  1. Meeting Dates
  2. Snowmobile
  3. Curfew

Some on Board wanted to see a couple of changes in the curfew ordinance concerning older kids who may have a job or school functions.  The meeting Date Ordinance and the Snowmobile Ordinance were adopted as presented and the Curfew Ordinance was adopted with the changes by a Roll Call Vote:

B. Grady-yes, J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, and W. Curtis-yes. Motions Carried.

Hearing no other business, Vern Shapland made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by W. Curtis. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.


Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM

/S/ Harold Forbes                                                        /S/Lynn Duke


Village President                                                         Village Clerk