January 2015 Minutes

JANUARY 13, 2015



The meeting was brought to order at 7:01 P.M. by Village President Harold Forbes with the reciting of the Pledge to the Flag followed by a short prayer given by Village Clerk Lynn Duke. Those present beside President Forbes and Clerk Duke were: Village Treasurer and Water Collector Judy Schall, Trustees Vern Shapland, Wm. Curtis, Glen Netherton, Jimmy Moore and Brian Grady. Also present were Village Maintenance Supervisor Larry Boundy, Village Water Supervisor Alan Thackeray, and Press Rep. Jean Thackeray.

Minutes: Clerk Duke read the minutes from the last two meetings. Trustee Curtis brought to the Clerk’s attention that she did not record that the County Sheriff had been in attendance at the previous scheduled meeting. That meeting was never called to order due to lack of a quorum. Clerk Duke will however add the Sheriff’s name to those who showed up. After that discussion, Vern Shapland made the motion to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Brian Grady. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Village Maintenance Reports: Larry Boundy/Alan Thackeray

Village Maintenance Supervisor Larry Boundy said,

*The jetters (Merle Roy) were run in the tiles on Thompson St. and that they cut tree roots. Tried to put camera through at Carol Nethertons going west. They ran into rock and could go no further. Will try to get more done once the weather is more conducive.

Village Water Supervisor Alan Thackeray said

*PVC that feeds chlorine booster pump is working.

*Door replaced on the back of library.

*Pressure switch in pump room fixed.

*Electrical problem at pump house found and fixed.

*He and Larry going to a class on water loss in Champaign and then to one on J.U.L.I.E.   locating that will be held in Oakwood.

Vern Shapland made a motion to accept the maintenance reports, seconded by Glen Netherton. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.

Treasurer’s Report: Judy Schall

*Judy presented the Treasurer’s Report. Everyone looked it over and then it was filed for audit.

*Judy said that she had received a request from the Gibson Area Community Chest for a donation. It was noted that last year we gave $100.00 so Glen Netherton made the motion to give $100.00 again this year, seconded by Jimmy Moore. Roll Call Vote: B. Grady-yes, J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, W. Curtis-yes. MC.

*We also had a request from the Show Bus to give a donation. It was decided that since it has been seen in the Village helping our people that we should donate to them. Jimmy Moore made the motion to donate $100.00 to them as well, seconded by Vern Shapland. Roll Call Vote: J. Moore-yes, G. Netherton-yes, B. Grady-yes, W. Curtis-yes, V. Shapland-yes. MC.

*Judy then presented the bills for payment along with the list that were paid the month before. There were a couple of questions asked and answered. Vern Shapland made the motion to pay the bills for this month, seconded by Brian Grady. Roll Call Vote: W. Curtis-yes, G. Netherton-yes, V. Shapland-yes, J. Moore-yes, B. Grady-yes. MC. Brian Grady made the motion approving the paying of the bills for the previous month, seconded by Jimmy Moore. Roll Call Vote: B. Grady-yes, J. Moore-yes, V. Shapland-yes, G. Netherton-yes, W. Curtis-yes. MC.

Water Collector’s Report: Judy Schall

Judy presented the Water Collector’s Report. Everyone looked at it and Wm. Curtis made the motion to accept the report, seconded by Glen Netherton. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC.


There was only one Committee that had anything to discuss. The tree committee has not had any luck getting the tree at the church taken down. Brian Grady said he knew of another person who cut and trimmed trees that he thought would come up and take care of things expediently. He was told to contact him and have him get a hold of Glen or Jimmy.

Hearing no other business, Vern Shapland made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Glen Netherton. Vote: 5-yes, 0-no. MC

Meeting adjourned at 7:47 P.M.


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Village President Village Clerk